Best Virtual Assistants

Get our #1 selling managed virtual assistant services to outsource payroll, live chat agent, or time-wasting tasks. 

Achieve More, Faster

Delegate To Get Results

Trained, Native English Agents

Our team of native speakers speaks your language.

Easy Process

We undertake a full audit of your requirements. For live chat agents, we put in place systems to ensure we best represent you and your company. For virtual assistants, we narrow down a list of candidates for you to video conference with before selecting an assistant.

Save Employment Costs

Compare the savings... Don't believe us, review the chart below:

Costs Direct Hire Hire Chat Agent
Hourly Rate $20.00 per hour $3 per hour
Recruitment + HR $1.40 per hour (@ 7%) Included
Training $0.40 per hour (@ 2%) Included
Benefits (health, dental etc) $7.00 per hour (@ 35%) Included
Overhead (office, equipment etc) $1.00 per hour (@ 5%) Included
Payroll Tax $2.40 per hour (@ 12%) Included
Absences (vacation, holiday & sick) $2.60 per hour (@ 13%) Included
TOTAL $25,404 / month $2,184 / month

Chat Agents

Live chat is proven to increase leads, sales and overall customer satisfaction. In an increasingly 24×7 world, your website doesn’t close, so customers expect someone to be there when they have a question. Our dedicated native-speaking chat experts are fully trained in customer service and lead capture and can assist and guide your visitors.

Full Time

Schedule up to 40 hrs a week — perfect for connecting with customers during business hours.
$ 6
per hour
  • $1,144 / month

Double Shift

Need to cover two shifts? Schedule 80 hrs a week and be there more often for your prospects and customers.
$ 4
per hour
  • $1,560 / month


Busy evenings and weekends? or 18+/hrs a day? Schedule 128/hrs a week, and we'll be there for you.
$ 3
per hour
  • $1,830 / month


At an unbelievable $3/hr, we've got you covered 24x7-365. Your customers are going to love you.
$ 3
per hour
  • $2,184 / month

Virtual Assistants

Free up your time, get organized, and simplify your work day. Simply post a listing through our client portal. We’ll handle all the pre-screening and make sure the VA meets your requirements. Once we’ve narrowed the list down, it’s your turn to meet the most qualified candidates via a video call. This way, you get to make the final decision. Then arrange a day and time to onboard/train your VA.

On Demand

Have a deadline to meet? Need help just catching up? Hire a VA to help streamline your day!
$ 25
per hour
  • 1 hour blocks

5 Hours/Week

Need help with the weekly tasks that nobody has time for? Hire a VA to help keep you on track!
$ 17
per hour
  • 5+ hrs a week
  • $375 / month

Half Time

Business is good. Work is piling up. Need someone you can rely on to get things done? Hire a Dedicated VA!
$ 14
per hour
  • 20+ hrs a week
  • $1,255 / month

Full Time

Need someone who will learn to understand your business as well as you do? Hire a Dedicated VA you can trust!
$ 11
per hour
  • 40+ hrs a week
  • $2,000 / month
All monthly services require an additional $250 monthly administration fee to keep our prices low, maintain and secure the Client Portal, and support service providers directly as they remain on your account without interruption from month-to-month. Billed separately and not more than once if you have multiple services with Outside Digital Agency.